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Cornelius Creations

Hand crafted Works Of Art

Free Shipping Limited Time Only!

Culturally inspired designs of the past, present, and Future.

Viking Cutout.png
Frontier Dwarven Hawk (1).png
American Spike  Hawk.png


What we do

Many hours go into creating one of a kind, fully functioning art. Each item is carefully handcrafted utilizing materials to create tomahawks and other bladed art. We have clients ranging from Celebrities, UFC fighters, Military, Moms, Dads and more.



Contact Us

As of January 2022 we are no longer accepting custom orders. All custom tomahawks will be first come, first serve.

Cornelius Creations Tomahawk.jpg
Morgan Hawk (7).jpg
Morgan Hawk (1).jpg

Power Carving Tutorials

Want to learn to Power Carve Aka Wood Carve?

Check Out my selection of tutorials from my Blog & Youtube channel!

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